Samantha & Caroline Photography was created when they met attending the Hallmark Institute of Photography.  Together, they have created the most fun and loving photography business. Their shared passion formed the two photographers into a team. They love to create special memories that will capture a moment in time.  You are promised a fun and exciting session that will result in beautiful portraits for you to look back on for years to come. They hope to grow with you and your family from your first maternity session all the way to your child's wedding day.

Samantha is well-known for all of her love and dedication to Childhood Cancer Foundations. She's dedicated much of her time to the Jessie Rees Foundation, St. Baldricks, Brooke's Blossoms & Buddies and Colin's Crew. She's won the Volunteer of the Year Award and was also flown to California in April of 2013 for the Compassion Award. Caroline has always had the desire to give back and quickly started volunteering her time to these organizations. Both Sam & Caroline are genuine women that carry over their fun-loving spirits & giving hearts into their business.